Systems Management & Development

SMD Support is second to none - no problem is too small or too big.

Our technicians have been building and supporting ICT in schools for more then 20 years and help you to maximise its impact in your school. Imagine having your own dedicated support personel immediately to hand any time of day.

SMD Managed Service

Why not sign up to an SMD Solutions Managed Network Contract? Let us take over the running of your network for you.

We will manage all your systems, performing regular maintainenance, applying updates and installing software and other tasks. Leaving you with the time to make the most of your IT Solution.

15,000+ users and 5000+ Servers and Workstations

With over twenty years experience of installing and maintaining 100s of Networks we believe we are more than qualified to install, maintain and develop your network.

Managing users and system for schools is what we do!

The installation of your network is just the start!

Staff need to be free to plan and use your ICT Solution without having to worry about system failures or issues.

We will manage all your ICT systems giving you one point of contact for all your solutions, we would liaise with your local authority, photo copier suppliers, Internet providers, etc. on your behalf.