The Battle with Malware and Viruses

Computer users are constantly battling against viruses, malware and unscrupulous people trying to access your data and here at SMD we take these threats very seriously. We only supply ESET Anti-Virus for our clients and guarantee your system from viruses if you are running ESET.

For advice about virus/malware protection please call us.

Latest Malware and Virus Threats

There are currently some extremely dangerous malware programs infecting workstations called Ransomware.

The latest and most deadly one is called DMALocker. This will encrypt all your files, delete your backups and demand a payment for the encryption key (approx £1800), which you may or may not get sent to you. Either way would you want to hand over your credit card details to someone who creates a peice of malware as dangerous as this?

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Avoid infection by following these simple rules

Most malware and viruses are sent via email and we usually see them attached as a zip or rar file, usually labelled as an invoice or a document. Often they will be disguised to look as if they were sent from a reputable company; UPS, Post Office, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Unless you were specifically expecting a file from this emailer do not open the attachment!

One of the most popular ways of passing on malware is via free software, especially video/audio converting software or masquerading as PC Checking Tools offering a free "tune up" or "virus scan" and adverts on the web sites for such programs. If you are unsure about a site or program do not click on it!

If in doubt, DON'T click!